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Yodel Pass Is the Solution to Cut Down on Counterfeit Passes

If you're a venue owner or manager, you know the headaches of selling passes to your events all too well. Not only do you have to worry about scalpers snatching up all the tickets, but you also have to deal with the problem of counterfeit passes. Counterfeit passes are a huge issue in the event industry, and they can cause all sorts of problems, from overcrowding to safety concerns. But what can be done about it?

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Non-Digital vs. Digital Delivery of Passes and Tickets

As the world of technology advances, more and more businesses are moving to digital platforms to reach their customers. To catch up with the current market needs, agencies and services are also looking into using digital passes and tickets, such as Yodel Pass, that can be purchased online.  The question is does the digital pass sales method work better than the traditional non-digital delivery methods?

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Digital Delivery vs. Hang Tags for Parking Passes

Yodel Pass is a digital pass delivery system introduced to the public in early 2020 and is currently being used in many public parks across the United States. But how efficient is this contactless system compared to the traditional hang tag annual passes? This article will explore the pros and cons of both options and evaluate which system is better for both patrons and agencies.

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Common Problems of Many Online Document Verification Platforms

In recent years, many agencies have incorporated online platforms aimed to simplify the residency verification process for agencies and their patrons. The platform allows patrons to upload their documents directly to the website, and the agency can review and verify the documents with a simple click of a button. While online verification platforms are becoming increasingly popular, many common problems still plague many of these platforms. These problems include document review, large volume handling, and a lack of workflow indicators. Yodel Pass is here to provide a solution to these common problems.

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