Yodel Pass Is the Solution to Cut Down on Counterfeit Passes

If you're a venue owner or manager, you know the headaches of selling passes to your events all too well. Not only do you have to worry about scalpers snatching up all the tickets, but you also have to deal with the problem of counterfeit passes. Counterfeit passes are a huge issue in the event industry, and they can cause all sorts of problems, from overcrowding to safety concerns. But what can be done about it?

Counterfeit Passes Is Not a Victimless Crime

Counterfeit passes are an age-old problem in the event industry. Scammers will print out fake copies of tickets or wristbands and then try to sell them at inflated prices, causing issues including overcrowding, safety concerns, and lost revenue. In extreme cases, counterfeit passes have even led to injuries and chaotic situations. 

Recent Extreme Cases of Widespread Illegal Counterfeit Tickets

In May of 2022, an unfortunate event occurred at a premier soccer game in France. Due to overcrowding caused by ticket fraud, 30,000 to 40,000 people could not enter the stadium with their tickets. This led to the use of tear gas and pepper spray on the audience, which created a very unpleasant experience for those in attendance.

How Do Scammers Sell Counterfeit Passes?

Scammers frequently create fake tickets with identical QR and barcodes to actual tickets. In other situations, the scammer may sell numerous duplicates of one legitimate ticket by emailing forged copies to different buyers.

Solutions That Failed to Stop the Problem

While many methods have been created in an attempt to reduce fraudulent passes, none of them are fool-proof. For example, blockchain technology has been incorporated to provide security for ticketing purposes. Still, it failed to stop the sales of black market forgeable tickets.

Eventbrite suggests methods like capping ticket sales, fulfilling tickets later, having a reselling policy, and using a security-oriented ticketing partner. All these methods may help reduce fraudulent passes, but they do not eliminate the problem entirely.

Yodel Pass Is the Solution

Unlike the regular QR codes that scammers can still copy, Yodel Pass uses a unique two-factor authentication process that specifically combats fraud. All their permits, passes, and tickets incorporate a moving QR code, a color and code change system, and the current time and date of authentication.

Unlike static QR codes, the moving QR code cannot be copied with screenshots or video capture features. In addition, the code can only be used once before being replaced by another new code. When the Yodel Pass Ranger app scans a fake code, it immediately alerts the venue staff. 

And as an extra layer of security for annual passes, using license plates as an authentication option also minimizes the forgery problem. With all the multi-layer security features, it is impossible to forge the Yodel Pass, making it the most secure solution on the market.

Bottom Line

The Yodel Pass is the solution to the problem of counterfeit passes. With all the multi-layer security features, it is impossible to forge the Yodel Pass, making it the most secure solution on the market.