Benefits of Having the Ability to Message Patrons

Unlike membership cards and passes that are paper, plastic, or  downloaded digitally as a pdf file, the Yodel E-Card can send secure messages to survey, inform and remind patrons. This provides a new approach for communication with your patrons.

Purposes of the yodel E-Card Messaging Feature

There are many potential uses of the messaging feature on Yodel E-Card:

1) Announcements: Businesses can use this feature to send announcements to patrons about upcoming events or changes to the business.

2) Reminders: The messaging feature can send reminders to patrons about renewals, appointments, or other important information.

3) Emergency Contact: In cases of emergencies, such as unexpected storms and other extreme weather conditions, businesses can warn patrons and provide them with evacuation instructions.

4) Promotions: The messages can inform patrons about sales, discounts, or new products and services.

5) Engagement: The feature can be used to engage with patrons by asking for feedback or sending surveys so that a business can actively improve their services.

6) Customer Service: The messaging feature can also be used for customer service purposes, such as responding broadly to questions or concerns.

Bottom Line

Overall, Yodel E-Card is an excellent solution for businesses that are looking to increase revenue and improve their customer messaging capabilities. The included feature has endless possibilities for companies to engage with their customers actively, promote their brand, and provide excellent customer service. When used correctly, Yodel E-Card can be a powerful marketing and advertising tool for businesses of all sizes.