Digital Delivery vs. Hang Tags for Parking Passes

Yodel Pass is a digital pass delivery system introduced to the public in early 2020 and is currently being used in many public parks across the United States. But how efficient is this contactless system compared to the traditional hang tag annual passes? This article will explore the pros and cons of both options and evaluate which system is better for both patrons and agencies.Speed of Pass Delivery Differences
With the hang-tag system, patrons must purchase their annual passes through online, by mail or in person at a visitor center. Once payment is confirmed, the patrons must pick up the pass or wait for it to be sent to their addresses. This lengthy process may require contact between the purchaser and staff.

Alternatively, patrons can use the Yodel Pass system to purchase their annual passes digitally. This system allows customers to buy passes through a portal website or the Yodel App on their phones or smart devices. Once payment is confirmed, the annual passes are instantly usable. This process is quick and easy and does not require contact between the customer and park staff. Based on a recent case study, the Yodel Pass system increased annual pass sales by 25%.

Pass Validation Options Comparison
The hang-tag passes are typically validated by scanning them at the entrance to the venue.  This process can be a hassle at the event entrance as cars get backed up while the scanning is performed. In cases where patrons lose their hang tag, it is only in rare instances that patrons are sent a pass replacement. In almost all cases, they are required to buy another pass.

Yodel Pass is a digital pass that can be validated in three ways: contactless visual validation using two-factor authentication, scanning the QR code with the Yodel Ranger app, or scanning the patron's license plate number with the Yodel Ranger app installed on an iOS mobile device. With Yodel Pass, there is no need to worry about losing or damaging a pass--it is always available in the patron's digital wallet. 

Effectiveness of Eliminating Revenue Leakage
The physical hang tag allows patrons to share their passes with others and sell or transfer their passes without the agency's knowledge. In addition, it is easy for someone to duplicate a hang tag and use it to gain free entry into the event.

The Yodel Pass is tied to one vehicle's license plate number and cannot be used on any other vehicle. This feature eliminates the possibility of revenue leakage as patrons cannot use the same pass on multiple vehicles.

Differences in Enforcement Initiative Methods
With the hang-tag system, park staff has no way of knowing whether or not someone has a valid pass. Instead, they must manually check every vehicle that enters the park to see if it has the appropriate hang tag. The process is time-consuming and often leads to people entering without paying. It also puts a lot of burden on agency staff who are already stretched thin.

Yodel Automaton for Parking offers a much more efficient solution.By deploying Yodel Automation, vehicles can enter the parking lot without stopping since automated cameras with License Plate Reading (LPR) technology capture the license plates as vehicles enter or leave the parking lot. Patrons pay by plate when they reach the parking lot using their mobile devices, roving ranger or kiosk. The Yodel Ranger app provides staff with a list of paid, expiring soon and unpaid vehicles. This means that all vehicles do not need to be checked to confirm payment. It is easier for staff to locate unpaid vehicles for any required enforcement activity.  Yodel Pass integrates with Passport enforcement, which means that staff and third-party security companies can issue citations to violators. The security feature not only adds more revenue for the upkeep of the park but also helps to keep patrons accountable.

Bottom Line
The Yodel Pass is a better solution than the traditional hang tag annual pass. It is more convenient for patrons, more effective in eliminating revenue leakage, and more efficient in enforcement. In addition, Yodel Pass can generate more revenue and lower staff costs. For these reasons, Yodel Pass is the future of  parking and admission.